Welcome Home!

We care about you enough to let you know there is an eternity, and we want you there with Christ. We care enough to let you know there is a place called hell, and that it wasn't created for you. That yes, there is a Heaven to arrive at for a destination, but a life to live fully with Christ Jesus. We LOVE you enough to let you know that sin leads to death, but that life through Christ is eternal. That Jesus didn't just die, but rose from the grave to set you free from all bondage of sin. We LOVE you enough to gather at church, doing what we've been called to do, so that you can have a encounter with the one who LOVES YOU!

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About Our Pastors

Pastors Jerry and Starr Webb have been serving in full-time ministry, and preaching the gospel everywhere the Lord leads since May of 2017. Currently, they are Senior Pastors at The River of Mount Washington & Founders of Webb Ministries International, which is located in Mount Washington, KY.

For the past 14 years, Jerry has traveled as an Evangelist. Along with hosting several outreaches and conferences focused on winning the lost, getting them filled with the Holy Spirit and fire.

In May of 2017, Jerry accepted a position to be an Intern Pastor at Evangel Charlestown Church, where he and Starr began their youth group. In November of 2017, they were married and transitioned to Evangel Minors Lane in Louisville, KY, where they took another role in Pastoral Ministry. Since then, God has continued to open doors in ministry where both are now Senior Pastors and lead an international ministry called Webb Ministries International. Over the last year WMI has reached into four different countries, and all across the United States. From 2019 to the current date, WMI has seen 1000+ Souls saved for the Kingdom of God.

Jerry and Starr believe firmly that salvation comes from Jesus Christ and He alone, that every believer needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit. That Healing is the Children's bread, and that God wants to prosper his people. Their hearts are focused to win the lost and to impact every generation.

Jerry and Starr Webb are both Ordained with RMIMA (Revival Ministries International Ministerial Association) lead by Drs. Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne.


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